The 5th Annual RewardStyle Conference


    Day two started off with these adorable acai bowls topped with fresh fruit and hot coffee

    waiting for us in the hallway outside the conference room. I was a bit intimated by all the

    gorgeously stylish women arriving and chatting all around me. It was as if everyone some how all knew each other

    and I was the new kid in class. Needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed, yikes!!

    Next, we all took our seats in this large impressive conference hall.

    The stage was adorned with 3 gigantic TV screens and 3 very modern white chairs.

    I couldn’t help but be amazed and thankful that I was sitting amongst RewardStyle’s top 200 influencers!

    The women all around me had their own unique style and were dressed to impress!

    It seemed as if they were all eager to learn with their notebooks, pens and of course coffee and iPhones in hand. (Including me!)

    The morning was full of helpful and useful knowledge given by a variety of speakers from RewardStyle

    and a panel of three women from a quickly growing company Bumble. One of the key pieces of information they talked about was

    the upward shift in mobile sales, up 30% from last year. Next, we learned that companies and brands are more interested

    in collaborations with bloggers/influencers than ever before. There is a 300% increase in collaborations deals.

    The brands usually get an 81% return on this type of advertising investment. They can track exactly where the sales

    are coming from and whether the promotion is successful. They want the blogger to tell a story with their product

    and weave it into their everyday life, making it easy for viewers/readers to relate. Finally, the speakers focused on

    the fact that the blog is not dead! And this is evident due to the fact that brands want and require a blog post

    as part of their collaboration agreement. They also strongly recommended to focus on your blog and

    direct traffic to your blog, since that is the only thing you actually own.

    Social media is ever changing and that shouldn’t be the main focus.

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    Next, we had a lovely picnic lunch sponsored by Banana Republic at Shake Shack.

    It was full of sunflowers and French fries! My favorite!

    It was just adorable! They had little scenes set up to take pictures and it couldn’t have been more picturesque, simply adorable.

    I met some fun interesting women and I was slowly becoming more and more comfortable. I even met a few Bravo housewives!!!

    It was completely unexpected but so much fun! After lunch we broke up into to smaller groups in classroom settings to learn

    about focused areas of interest. This allowed us to ask questions and really dive deep

    into areas of interest, such as, the imagery of your brand, collaboration deals, etc…

    That night we had a cocktail party hosted by Bumble. It was a great event that was held in a beautiful courtyard

    including a yellow carpet down the center (instead of red)! I was for sure having more fun this night as the

    bloggers started to loosen up (so did I) becoming more friendly. We had fun just enjoying the champagne

    and each other’s company. I met several more ladies that were all sweet, fun and very interesting!

    We had so much taking silly selfies and making cute boomerangs together.

    It is pretty cool to be with a group of women

    that completely understand why you'er taking that selfie and knowing they are also trying to make “it” happen.

    It still amazes me that my of love of fashion and style has turned into an actual career. Who knew!?!?

    Jumpsuit Details (on sale til 5/7):

    Day 3 to come!



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