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I'm excited to share my looks from the #rStheCon in an

upcoming post... but today I want to give you an

idea of what the #rStheCon is and why bloggers attend!

You are probably thinking what the heck is #rStheCon anyway?!?!

#rStheCon is a hashtag that bloggers use on

social media for the RewardStyle Conference.

This was the 6th annual conference hosted by Rewardstyle for their

top 200 bloggers. This conference is limited to

only the top 200 out of 20,000 bloggers from

around the world that use the platform to monetize thier

social media and blog posts. RewardStyle invites a blogger based

on performance; it really is an honor to be invited for the second year in a row!

So THANK YOU to you guys for supporting me and

continuing to shop my looks which allows me to do what I do,

and do what I love! Working with RewardStyle has been amazing and I am very

grateful for all the opportunites it has given me!

I did a recap of last year's conference, day one, two and three on

the blog if want to check it out!


The conference is a 3 day event that takes place in Dallas, TX (RewardStyle's HQ).

It consists of three extremely busy days filled with educational sessions & classroom trainings,

one-on-one brand meetings, networking opportunities with brands

and influencers, and of course over-the-top parties!

From the first moment (check-in at the gorgeous flower wall) to the amazing finale party

(light-up dancers) every detail is aesthetically pleasing and well thought out!

You can see some of these gorgeous details from the conference on my

Instagram stories highlights on my profile page.


  • Keynotes Speeches: Amber Vez Box, co-founder of RewardStyle opened by giving an embowering speech on the future of social media and why the app is so important. Next, Aimee Song, Song of Style, spoke about how important it is to stay true to yourself, and your brand. She stressed to put your health first, be authentic, and don't try to be "what you think people want you to be." Finally, Kendra Scott spoke about how she founded her brand on Family, fashion, and philanthropy, creating a billion-dollar jewelry line. My fave quotes she gave were: "no" is merely a suggestion and "let your core values be your North Star."

  • Classroom Sessions: I had 3 classroom sessions, which I chose, given in smaller class style. Each class had a specific focus. My classroom sessions were specifically “SEO”, "Swipe Up for More" and “Design Hacks.” All of the classes were taught by knowledgeable instructors and I could literally do an entire blog post on everything I learned in those valuable classes. My most important take-away to share with you would be always use the "Swipe Up" feature on Instagram because it is quickly becoming the way people love to shop.

  • Brand Meetings: I had 3 predetermined scheduled one-on-one meetings with brands. This was my opportunity to sell who I am and what my blog is about, who my audience is, and the reasons I would make sense for a collaboration with their brand.

  • Networking Hall: Brands set up booths to showcase their new lines and gave out swag. This was a great opportunity to pass out your media kits & business cards, making important contacts with brand decision makers. Every time I met one of the brands I gave an "elevator pitch" of who I am and who is my audience. I feel that this was one of the greatest resources at the event. Last year I never remembered to ask for their contact info in return and that is very important so that when you get back you can follow up.

  • Brand Sponsored Lunches & Parties: Bloggers like to party!!! HA HA! These lunches and parties are given by brands, and every detail is executed in the most amazingly gorgeous way! It is a wonderful time to meet other bloggers and make connections with girls that last a lifetime! This is also a time that you can let your hair done and have some fun!


I hope this gives you some insight into the#rStheCon!

I feel that this year I got so much more out of the conference then last year!

I was for sure more confident and

wanted to make sure I didn't waste any time or have any regrets!

It is an amazing opportunity and I am thankful to have been included!



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