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This is probably my most requested blog post...and I finally finished it!! YAY! These are my FAVORITE Amazon finds to date! I know everyone loves Amazon and I am no different!! LOL! If you are a mom, Amazon Prime is your best friend!!!! These are products I cannot live without!

I love adding these collagen peptides to my coffee daily. I took them religiously last year til about October then I got out of the habit. I started taking them again this month. I definitely felt my hair was thicker and my skin was glowing when I was taking them daily. The peptides are tasteless and odorless. Frequently readers ask if I use them instead of creamer but that is not the case. I use in addition to creamer.

This is my new must-have everyday no-dairy creamer for my coffee. I have using it in my coffee since on FWTFL.

It is low calorie, allowing me to add creamer to coffee without breaking my fast.

I love using this yeti coffee mug because as moms, we all get a million interruptions while trying to enjoy our morning cup of joe. So this mug keeps my coffee or tea warm for hours! It's a mom essential!

This cookbook is currently one of my faves. I love that you can make a quick healthy meal without a ton of ingredients in no time flat! See some of my recent dinners using recipes from it in my IG stories "Healthy Bites" highlights on Instagram.

These are my go-to for meal storage and for meal prep (have dividers). I recently switched to glass storage as it is a much safer choice (dishwasher-safe).

I love these cauliflower pizza crusts. My blogger babe girlfriend, Jamie from turned me on to them! I have tried the ones at Trader Joes and Whole Foods... no bueno! They don't even compare to these! I just LOVE these, perfect for low carb days.

I have been eating theses GG crisps for over a year and I just love them. They are the perfect substitute for toast or a cracker. I usually eat them with eggs & avocado on top or for lunch with tunafish & tomatoes. They only have 2 grams of carbs and I like the taste. Sometimes you just need a little crunch!

These lightly flavored energy water drinks get me through my fasting period every morning. I usually drink my coffee before I work out, and then when I get back I have one of these no-cal natural flavored waters to get me to noon!

This is a great water bottle, keeps my water cold for hours! (lots of colors)

Absolutely loving this tote insert!! It keeps me so organized! I debated on getting it for months and I wish I would have gotten it sooner. I would always dig and dig for my phone and keys in my carry-all LV Neverfull forever! Gone are those days...everything is so organized and it really is a lifesaver.

This jewelry organizer saves me so much time and allows me to color coordinate my jewelry. The fact that I can roll it up and take it with me when traveling is key! I also love that it has zipper pockets. If you don't plan on traveling with yours, this is also a great one that is double sided.

This cardigan was one of my best sellers last year because it so cute and very affordable. It is under $30! It is so cozy and really just adorable! Love styling it with my Spanx & booties or fave jeans & sneakers.

Recently got this necklace in and I am slightly obsessed. I just love it, perfect accessory. It is a copy of a very expensive designer piece.

OK, I am sure all of you ladies know that these ugg slippers are my MOST LOVED! I wear these non-stop in the winter. They are sparkly and cozy-my two fave combos! They come in 4 colors and are currently on SALE!

Can't live without these cooling hydrating gel eye patches. Perfect for the next morning after a late night out! The best part is they are currently on SALE! I also love the 24K gold patches!

This is my absolute FAVORITE shampoo & conditioner and I CANNOT live without!! It is great for color treated hair and every time I try new products I always end up going back to Purology! I also LOVE their leave-in conditioner.

This Drybar Triple Sec spray is in my opinion, the best texturizing spray out there. It gives your hair texture and volume while still keeping it soft (with lots of movement). For straight hair this product is life-changing, keeping those loose waves (after curling) and not weighing it down!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this body lotion. It smells so fresh and clean. It is lightweight yet very moisturizing.

This sunscreen is by far my family's most-used sunscreen. It doesn't make skin white and gives great protection.


I hope you have found this helpful! Have a wonderful weekend!



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