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Pom Pom Top / Pom Pom Bottom / Hat / Sunnies / Bracelets

It's that time of year again...the dreaded bathing suit season! I usually procrastinate on bathing suit shopping until right before a trip because it's the worst! This year I knew I had a couple trips coming up that I wanted to have some nice fresh bathing suits for (like my 40th Birthday Bash in the Keys). I don't know about you guys, but in Florida I can never get my bathing suits to last more that one season... probably because I live in the

water with my kiddos in the summer time.

So this year, I decided to do things differently. I ordered several online in advance, along with multiple shopping trips

to the stores in which I tried on hundreds!

I knew that I wanted to try the high-waisted trend in a two-piece and also find a sexy one-piece. So I was a girl on a mission! I ended up LOVING the high-waisted two-piece that I found online I will link below (also linked under first picture above).

It was very flattering and is currently my favorite suit!

I did try on some high-waited suits that I did NOT love and that didn't flatter my mombod. (ie child-bearing hips)

So I will only be linking and including in this blog post

the suits that actually TRIED ON and LOVED!!

I will also be linking my favorite beach

cover-ups and beach accessories.

Pom Pom Top / Pom Pom Bottom / Hat / Sunnies / Bracelets