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Topshop Leather Jacket / Tee Shirt / Jeans / Leather Backpack / Neacklace

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is always the perfect time to invest

in a new jacket or two! Since the sale is on upcoming

fall merchandise that goes back to full price August 8th,

it is a great time to take advantage!

Getting a deal on BRAND NEW fall styles is a MUST for me!

I always use this sale to buy at least two jackets.

Every year on my hit list is a new leather jacket. I have grey, black, moto-inspired, classic, embroidered and the list goes on....You may be thinking why would a girl living in Florida need so many leather jackets??? Well, not only is a leather jacket a closet staple, it can elevate any simple outfit making it complete! Also, I always bring a leather jacket on my travels since they are so versatile. Moreover, in Florida they tend to over-do it on the air-conditioning everywhere! (theaters, restaurants, church, work, malls etc...)

So I have rounded up the best of the best in jackets for you to see and shop! All of these jackets are in stock but sell out quickly! So don't procrastinate- order a couple and then try them on at home to see their fit and size. The majority of the jackets I am linking I have tried on or I bought so if you have a question on size please leave me a comment and I will answer.

Best Leather Jackets of the #NSale

Best Suede Jackets of the #NSale

Best Jeans of the #NSale