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Chenille Sweater/ / Distressed Jeans // Pep-Toe Booties (on sale) // Sunglasses // Chloe Bag

With October comes cooler temps, pumpkin spice lattes (my fave) and cozy sweaters! Fall, one of my favorite times of year, means the Florida heat is sure to soon subside! Although we don't have all the pretty leave changes here, we do have perfect weather temps in the fall months! The days are usually highs in the

70's and nights in the 60-70's, perfection!

I love being able to wear lightweight sweaters with jeans and booties! The chenille sweater trend I am really digging. It's like wearing the softest blanket ever! So cozy!!

I loved this one here because it wasn't too thick but super soft!

It comes in 4 colors and is under $50! SCORE!