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I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away!?! CRAZY!!!

I love this time of year...

to me it means special time with the ones I love the most.

The holidays really are the best time of year!!!

My favorite part of Christmas is baking Christmas cookies together,

giving loved ones gifts and eating lots of yummy meals together!

With the holidays comes lots of eating and drinking!

All those social affairs require many elegant festive looks!

I love sequins, velvet, lace and anything embellished for the holiday.

It's time to for sure step up my game! I like to look festive by sparkling in what I wear.

I swear it makes me have more fun!

If I love what I'm wearing it makes me feel more confident, which helps in social setting for sure.

If you feel good about yourself inside and out people can see that!

The opposite is true too, if you don't like your outfit it shows on the outside.

I thought this dress was perfect for a holiday party or a New Year's Eve!!

It is under $100 and runs true to size.

New Years Eve Looks Under $100

New Year's Eve Looks Over $100

I didn't own the exact clutch or bag that I wanted to wear with it.

With the hectic-nesss of the holidays I failed to pick up that perfect bag..BUT

I was sure to link many that would be perfect with it! Like this one! YASSS!

I think I should treat myself to a nice clutch for Christmas...

since I am obviously am lacking that in my closet!

And the ones that linked here are for sure closet staples!!

New Year's Eve Perfect Accessories

I am wishing you and yours a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you enjoy your family and have a blessed holiday!!



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