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Top ten of January coming at you! I love doing this post because I know you gals love it and it helps me know how to serve you best! On that note, if you ever have something you are specifically looking for please DM or email me!

These super comfy slip-on blush sneakers are making the top seller list for January. I love how comfy they are and they are the perfect spring accessory. They come in lots of colors and are very affordable at UNDER $80.

I love this cozy sweatshirt ($19) which also made the best sellers list last month. It is a good message to look at the good in each day, it's there, just sometimes we have to look for it!

These high-waist leggings ($24) are a top seller for January along with these Nike kicks and super soft velour hoodie ($15). I got these leggings (tts) last summer and I paid over $60, so they are an amazing deal and I LOVE them. The Nike's are so comfy and come in so many cool color options. This hoodie is seriously the softest and coziest! I sized up to a medium for over sized fit.

Baylee Platform Slip-On Sneaker Nordstrom

This adorable leopard slip-on sneaker is also a best seller for Jan. But sadly it sold out BUT I did find an almost identical pair here! The one I am recommending here is not a platform, that is the only difference. They are both super comfy! If you have your heart set on the platform, just keep checking back they usually restock often!!!


You girls went CRAZY over these LV dupes! They are really good ones! You can shop them all here on Amazon!

Since I posted I found a lot more that you will LOVE!!! See below.

I can NOT believe these GG crackers made my top sellers list! They are the best low-carb snack if you need that crunch! They are just what I need on my low carb Faster Way to Fat Loss days. I buy them from Amazon monthly.

You gals loved hearing about my AMAZON FAVES. The Amazon post incorporated so many of the best sellers last month! I am so glad you loved it!

The LV organizer also made the list from that post! It keeps me so orgainzed and I only wish I would have bought it 2 yrs ago when I got my LV MM!!!

My jewelry organizer from that post also was a top seller last week!! I love to hang it in my bathroom so I can see all my jewelry easily! It saves me so much time since I have everything color coordinated.

These slides were a top seller in 2018 and are currently on SALE ($55) in a few colors! So you girls scooped them up and that landed them in the top sellers list for January!

I bought them this year too in a new design- I am OBSESSED!

Have to say I am not surprised these pear slides are the second best seller. They sold out last spring, were a top seller of mine in 2018 and are GORG! They actually come in 4 colors and are under $80. This light pink velvet straps with iridescent pearls is the newer style that just came out and of course I had to have them too! I still love the style I had last year and still wear them.

If you want to see them on live go to my IG profile page and they under the "Best Sellers" tab.

1901 Chevron Jacquard Sweater nordstrom

Drumroll please...this sweater is the top seller for January and I am not surprised at all! This sweater is just so beautiful- such pretty colors. It really is the PERFECT spring sweater! I am wearing a small (normal size)! If you are looking for a unique sweater for spring this is it ladies! It feels and looks like a $200 sweater but is under $60.


Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions. Have a happy VDay Thursday!



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