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I don't know abut you guys but when I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed and stressed getting organized helps me feel SO much better! Not sure about what it is about a clean tidy house but it just calms my nerves! Since we are all going to have a little extra time at home, I'm planning on taking advantage! I am going to be doing some major spring cleaning and organizing!

Currently working on my spice cabinet with a few goodies I ordered from my Pantry Organization blog post back in January! Yes, I know, I can't believe it's March... and I am finally getting a minute to actually organize my pantry! LOL!! Next on my list will be my bathroom. It is in desperate need of help!

I have so many makeup and beauty products that need to thrown out! It's so bad! Experts say that these items should only be in your rotation for about six months. I love this marble makeup organizer that I found for only $35. I ended up getting this clear one because it is a bit smaller for $38. I also found this budget-friendly option for only $25 from Amazon.

I just ordered these cool $21 stacking under cabinet draws. They will be great for blow dryer and curling iron storage. For my kids bathrooms I got a few of these slim clear storage bins for the accumulation of shampoos, conditioners and body washes. I also scored my kids these cute clear jars for q-tips and cotton pads from Amazon. Lastly, I ordered this cute clear makeup/ beauty organizer for my teen daughter. She will just love it!

Tonight around 9pm on Instagram I will be sharing my newly organized spice cabinet! Be sure to check it out because you will be sure to get a few ideas for your own pantry! My goal is to organize one spot in my house daily. I am sure once the homeschooling starts in April this won't happen, so gotta take advantage now!

Tag me on IG Stories if this post inspires you to get some spring cleaning going!





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