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Beauty Must Haves

So excited to share with you an amazing makeup line I discovered... Hourglass cosmetics!

Not only do I love way it looks and how it's photographing but I absolutely love it's feel!

Read below to discover all the wonderful products that I have found!

Their mineral veil makeup primer is the best I've tried! ❤️

Next, I found a primer serum for under the eyes to fix my problem of crease lines under eyes after my concealer is applied!!!!

You know how sometimes you put on your eye cream and then a little bit later when you go to put on your under eye concealer it sinks right into your lines because your eye cream has already been absorbed?!? Well that's pretty much happens to me every day, I don't know if it's because I'm approaching 40 in a couple months or what! So this primer serum (just a couple drops) combats that problem!

The foundation that I discovered today has hyaluronic acids in it giving my face a non-greasy moisturized lifted feeling!!!!

(My color: Beige). It has a light to medium coverage, in my opinion perfect. You should use the fat foundation brush with it. Just a couple drops on forehead, nose and cheeks, then smooth with brush over your face evenly. The brush allows you not to waste product and

give you a flawless natural look.

I also found an amazing moisturizing lip color that is just the perfect nude color for every day! (Color: Believer).

This lipstick has a luxurious feel and look. LOVE!

Lastly, my favorite find of the day is a powder trio that has everything you will need in one pretty palette.

After putting on your foundation you can mix lightly all three colors together (with the amazing angled brush I'll link)

and put all over the entire face setting foundation. Next, sweep the highlighter

on top of your cheekbones below under eye concealer with edge of angled brush.

Finally, use the bronzer/blush right under your cheekbones sweeping into hairline.

I love the color, depth and dimension it gave my face! It was literally like

airbrushing my face to flawless!

🏻 I will link all the products I bought along with a couple that I always use.

Don't forget to check out the brushes, they allow you to use less product and give you a more natural look.

This is not a sponsored post, I just found something I love and I really want to share it!!



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