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As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the products that resonated most with you from Amazon. Let's explore the standout products that you love and can't live without! Most of these are coincidentally my most-loved as well.

These Ugg look-a-like boots are so warm and have become a favorite of mine and Gracie! Highly recommend and fit true to size. I love to pair them with cute warm socks.

This adorable cut-out dress is on sale for only $17! It is the perfect packable wrinkle-resistant vacation dress. I am wearing a small. I own it in 2 colors.

Frownies Forehead and Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches are the Original Wrinkle Patch Non Invasive Wrinkle Smoothers for Forehead Wrinkles. These really work!!! I use them at night to make my botox last longer once a week. My sister uses them in replacement of Botox. When you first start to use them use nightly for 7 days then once a week for maintenance.

My Varely look-a-like oversized sweatshirt is not only on-trend but very comfy-a fraction of the price of the original. Perfect to pair with leggings or denim. I wear small, it comes in 22 colors!

This is my most-worn Amazon bag I have EVER purchased. This designer look-a-like literally goes with EVERYTHING!

These high-rise viral Amazon leggings are in the best! I like them so much more than Lululemon! They stay up and have light compression. I wear a small and they come in 16 colors.

The cutest set of viral earrings! I wear them so much, light and comfortable.

The cutest lightweight coverup under $20 and comes in 16 colors. I wear a small.

This faux leather puffer vest has quickly become my most worn vest! I have the color Khaki, wearing small.

These look-a-like Ugg slippers have to be my personal FAVE purchase of the 2023! I love them so much and they are extremely comfy. I tend to wear them more than my real Uggs! Sizing on them is a little funky-run small. I got a 9, I normally wear a 8.

I am wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!




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