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The 5th Annual RewardStyle Conference


Day three started off with a bang! I had four back-to-back one-on-one interviews with brands.

The brands that I met with were Topshop, Asos, and T.D.E.

All those first job interviews jitters, I experienced 20 years ago,

flooded back to me. I was kinda freaking out! As I walked up to the room filled with 30 high top tables

and chairs filled with brand reps and owners, I could barely feel my legs!!!

Thankfully, as the morning went on all those nerves faded away. My meetings went very well

and the company reps and owners were so complementary of the blog and were eager to work with me.

I was thrilled with the outcome of my interviews. even asked me to try on their runway samples

and shoot with their professional photographer; they had brought to Dallas.

My Look for the Brand Meetings (Temperature dropped to below 50 degrees that day!)

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Topshop Garden Lunch and Look

After a beautiful garden lunch filled with roses and rosé sponsored by Topshop,

I decided to take up on their offer and go take those pictures.

It was an amazing experience to take pictures with the very talented photographer @timuremek.

I never thought at forty I’d be modeling, lol! It was so much fun to experience a professional photo shoot!

So much easier than giving my own direction using my iPhone!

Don’t worry honey you are still my number one photog!

I completely forgot to mention that the networking room was totally amazing!

It was full of booths where the brands previewed their upcoming lines and gave away some fantastic swag!

Really so much fun!!!!

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The final day was finished off with two more classroom forums given two top influencers. The bloggers

were sharing how they run their business and how they have gotten to where they are today.

Courtney Kerr of was very encouraging and informative on how she grew her blog after two failed Bravo shows.

Her overall advice was simply BE NICE and it will get you far! An example she gave would be to

write a hand-written thank you note to a brand after a collaboration deal.

I enjoyed her talk and thought she had some really great suggestions.

Next, Rachel Parcell of spoke about licensing and long-term brand deals.

Rachel is a very successful influencer and has over 900,000 followers on IG

and clothing line! Her overall message was to be careful about what deals you agree to

and if it includes licensing your name for a line or book make sure you have a lawyer read over any contract.

Rachel also talked about the importance of hiring people you trust to help you grow your brand

but don’t ever let someone else write your blog. Your readers appreciate your authenticity and enjoy a peek into your world.

I made a decision to skip the finale party because I was physically and mentally exhausted.

Also, because I wanted to spend the evening with my husband, who came all the way to support me,

and I hadn’t had any time to spend with him. For sure I will be there next year if I am blessed to go back.

Overall, I learned so much at the RewardStyle Conference, #rSthecon

and I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity. I met a ton of wonderful and inspiring women.

This conference made me realize how blessed I am, and how very appreciative I am to all of you who make my dream a reality.

I am blessed with the support of a very loving and supportive husband and

blessed with wonderful loving friends that have supported me when they could have doubted me

and not understood what I was trying to do. I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this blog thing I do!

It gives me a creative outlet and helps me feel empowered as a mom-boss!

Final Look for the #rStheCon

This dress is under a $100 and looks so elegant and fits so well.

This would have been my look for the finale party!

So we shot this dress the right before we left at the famous #startedwithascreenshot wall!

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Hope you enjoyed! Happy Mother's Day!



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