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So attending New York Fashion Week was a dream come true! Hurricane Irma changed my plans a bit... my mommy getaway New York Fashion Week 2017 turned into a family vacay! It ended up being a blast and exhausting all in one. Having the kids there for sure changed things. I had to RSVP no to a couple shows but my days were still jammed packed with meeting, shows, parties, sightseeing etc.... This trip was definitely the high point of my year!!!

My first day included 4 brand meetings, a RewardStyle Kick Off to NYFW 2017 Party and then a fashion show that night. I have to admit

I was a little overwhelmed with the thought of

navigating the big city all by my lonesome!

But I managed to figure out how to get where I needed to be on-time without any major hang ups. Score! My meetings at Ramy Brook and Bauble Bar were for sure the highlights!

It was incredible to see the upcoming spring lines and play dress up in all the beautiful pieces! I kept having to pinch myself

to make sure I wasn't dreaming!