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It's that time of year again. Time to pull out the holiday decorations and start planning for the holidays. I just love this time of year. Not only does it bring back fond memories of my childhood...

I get to create special memories with my babies; starting new traditions

that they will remember fondly. (as I do!)

This fun and very busy time of time of year is filled with holiday parties and get-togethers that require a girl to look her best! So much fun! I love to dress up and really sparkle for these holiday events! Sometimes it can be a big task though to find that perfect outfit.

So I spent a lot of time digging for the best of the best for you!

Depending on the event, I usually try to focus on a special top that will go

with my dressy black pants or leather leggings (one sale here).

If it is a very dressy party I obviously go for a fancy dress.

I feel that if a get a beautiful top, I can mostly wear it again later with jeans.

So I think when looking for a holiday tops you should try to focus on lace, velvet, or silk. All of these fabrics can be very special and for sure say holidays to me. They can be jazzed up with sparkly accessories and shoes. Below I will link all of my favorites in these categories that are under $100.

Occasionally I'll go with a sparkly top, but these embellished tops are less likely to be

worn again since they make such a statement.

Both velvet and lace are everywhere this fall. So I made sure that the tops below I either saw in person and tried them on; or thoroughly read the reviews online. So you can be sure I have found

the HOTTEST HOLIDAY tops that are under $100!

Velvet Tops Under $100

Lace Tops (Most) Under $100

Holiday Jeans, Leggings, & Skirts

Holiday Accessories

Holiday Heels

I hope this helps you find everything you need to look FABULOUS at your next holiday party!



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