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These jeans here were my #1 selling item in January.

Their fit is amazing and I love their raw angled hem.

 I also love that the jean has SLIGHT distressing but not much at all;

so they can be worn to my kids school or even church etc.. Also they fit

true to size and at $69; very affordable. Even though they say they are

mid-rise, I think they are pretty high-waisted, which I love!

Also this sweater is so pretty and was my #9 selling piece.  

I love that it can be worn on the shoulder, off the shoulder, or on one shoulder.

 I also love the price point at $49! It runs a bit big so I sized down to a extra small.

It comes in several colors in stripes and solids.

White Eyelet Top (under $60) #2 best selling piece in January.  

Free People Dress // Chloe Bag // Sunnies (under $200)

This gorgeous dress that wore all over Europe last summer was my #3 best seller in Jan.

I know why it is so lightweight and easy to wear.  

Here I paired it with flip flops since it was like 100 degrees in Italy!

But when I wear it now I wear it with booties and a jean jacket.

 It really can be worn year round!

Comes in other colors like cream and pink!

This gorgeous dress is the #4 best seller. (Under $100)

This dress was also a best seller last year.  It fit true to size and is very flattering.

It is a exact replica of a $600 dress and this one is under $100.

Right now it is available in 6 colors but not in the white. I will keep checking for the white.  

If you are set on the white than please email me and I will let you know if it becomes available.

 This shirt which comes in several colors and

patterns was my #5 best seller. (Under $50)

The fit of this top is AMAZING! I love it so much that I have it in

black gingham as well! I think it runs big so I got an extra small.

This dress above was my #5 best seller in January. It is under $100 and

comes in several colors. I used it as a cover-up here and knotted the side.

 It could also be worn as a dress or tunic over jeans.

So this suit was also a best seller last year.  It is very unique and sold out last season.

I am sure it will sell out again this year.

I did a blog post of my favorite suits last year,  you can find that here.

It is a very flattering suit and fits so well! (wearing medium)

I have to be honest when I first ordered it.. .I thought it was a shot in the dark.

I wanted to try a high-waisted suit but wasn't sure it would work for a curvy body type!

But it was the perfect fit, I just love this one!

!I will be ordering a new one for this year in a different color/pattern!!

This top was my #6 best seller last month.

This top is very flattering and runs true to size. (under $70)

It would be perfect for Valentine's Day date!

 These adorable kicks were my #7 best seller!

They are so comfy and come in grey and pink.

They run true to size and are soooo light-weight!

Their price tag at under $65 is AMAZING!!!

It is funny my #8 best selling piece from January was this

black and white top on the right pictured here.  

The reason it is funny is because I never even posted a pic of myself in the top! 

This was the picture that I posted and it sold like crazy.  

I am planning on shooting this top just haven't had a chance yet LOL!

 It is a great top and is under $50!

This top was my #10 best seller last month! 

I know is a great spin on the everyday tee.  

Loving the ruffle, it dresses it up! You can just throw it

on with a cute pair of jeans, sneakers, earrings, and go! No thinking just

easy and cute! It comes in 2 colors and runs true to size. 

It well priced at $39.

Shop My Best Sellers of January 

To see a blog post on my best of's from 2017 just click here!

Happy almost weekend!  Please leave a comment is you have a question!



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