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This is probably my most requested blog post...and I finally finished it!! YAY! These are my FAVORITE Amazon finds to date! I know everyone loves Amazon and I am no different!! LOL! If you are a mom, Amazon Prime is your best friend!!!! These are products I cannot live without!

I love adding these collagen peptides to my coffee daily. I took them religiously last year til about October then I got out of the habit. I started taking them again this month. I definitely felt my hair was thicker and my skin was glowing when I was taking them daily. The peptides are tasteless and odorless. Frequently readers ask if I use them instead of creamer but that is not the case. I use in addition to creamer.

This is my new must-have everyday no-dairy creamer for my coffee. I have using it in my coffee since on FWTFL.

It is low calorie, allowing me to add creamer to coffee without breaking my fast.

I love using this yeti coffee mug because as moms, we all get a million interruptions while trying to enjoy our morning cup of joe. So this mug keeps my coffee or tea warm for hours! It's a mom essential!

This cookbook is currently one of my faves. I love that you can make a quick healthy meal without a ton of ingredients in no time flat! See some of my recent dinners using recipes from it in my IG stories "Healthy Bites" highlights on Instagram.