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Happy Monday! I get asked all the time about my Amazon favorites. Surprisingly, I get a lot of my beauty items thru Amazon. I know some people get concerned about shopping beauty from Amazon, but you don't have to be unless it's being sold by a third party. So just check before you add to cart that it's the brand actually selling the product you want.

These beauty blenders have over 4k positive reviews, they are so great-such an affordable alternative! You get 5 for only $9! This marble make-up case is amazing, I own it in pink. It is helpful for keeping my makeup and brushes organized!! - Great for travel!

I always buy my self tanner from Amazon! My self tanner gives the best dark natural tan. I apply 1-2 pumps per area with a tanning mitt. Before I tan, I shower and exfoliate then always moisturize my driest areas, hands, ankles & knees.

If I don't want to do the whole tanning act but want a slight natural glow, I use these Tan-Luxe drops. After showering, I just mix 3-4 drops with my everyday body lotion and rub all over. (wash hands after application)

I also love to use this Body Blur product on my legs and arms, giving that extra glow, when I am going to wear a dress that shows off a lot of skin. It's like make-up for your body, I am obsessed! (use a tanning mitt to apply).

I swear by this cellulite exfoliating brush, I use it in the shower. Also, I never travel without these cooling de-puffing eye patches! They are great after a late night of indulging!

I am so excited because I just ordered this $15 Ice Roller which has over 3K positive reviews, my girlfriend swears by it. The reviews say to use it to massage your skin before makeup to eliminate facial dropsy and/or massage during a mask to shrink pores and calm skin. Can't wait to try it!

Every couple of weeks I use this silicone makeup brush cleaning mat. It's little groves make cleaning my makeup brushes a breeze! Use it with this brush cleaner.

I would love to treat myself to this Dyson Hair Styling Tool, my bestie recently got it and says it's the bomb! For now I'll stick with my affordable Revlon Brush Dryer which I helps me get volume in my limp straight hair! Ha!

I hope you loved reading about my Amazon Beauty Faves!

Have a great week!



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