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I am a bit overwhelmed that we will be starting in-person school tomorrow! I guess I wasn't sure if we were ever really going back to school, ha ha! I have lots on my to-do list to get ready! Right now moms are doing more than ever before! So I am relieved to have found out about Walmart's Express delivery service- perfect for last min school supplies, food for lunches and dinners and lots of antibacterial lotion! Walmart's Express delivery service saved my day!

You place your order online and get what you need delivered contact-free in 2 hours or less! I was able to get everything I needed for back to school week in a jiffy- a mom's dream come true! With Walmart’s Express delivery, you pay the exact same prices as in-store – there are no item markups.

Walmart’s Express delivery is also great for other household essentials like OTC pharmacy, personal care, tech accessories, toys and more. With after-school activities gearing back up, life gets super busy and there just isn't always enough time to go to the store. Walmart's Express delivery is perfect for those moments!